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dc.descriptionR.B. 96-07
dc.description.abstractTable of Contents...Executive Summary; Part I: Objectives, Procedures, and Lessons Learned D.G. Fox, C.N. Rasmussen, R.E. Pitt and J.J. Hanchar; Part II: Plant and Animal Nutrient Management S.D. Klausner, D.G. Fox, T.P.Tylutki, W. Stone, L. Chase and R.E. Pitt; Part Ill: Environmental Losses and Nutrient Flows J.L. Hutson, R.K Koelsch, R.E. Pitt, and R.I Wagenet; Part IV: Economic Evaluation of Alternatives to Improve Nutrient Efficiency C.N. Rasmussen, J.J. Hanchar and P.E. Wright Part V: Manure Management R.K Koelsch; Part VI: Measuring Nutrient Loads from a Drainage Basin Within the Farm Boundaries J.B. Houser, R.E. Pitt, J.L. Hutson and P.E. Wright; Part VII: Farm A Environmental Assessment K.J. White and P.E. Wright; Part VIII: Pathogen Prevalence and Management S.E. Wade; Part IX: Dairy Farmers in Cayuga County, New York: World View P.M. Crosscombe and D.M. Ewert; Part X: Computerized Decision Aid Tools D.G. Fox, S.D. Klausner, M.C. Barry, R.E. Pitt, J.J. Hanchar and C.N. Rasmussen; Dairy Farm Sustainability Project Publications
dc.publisherCharles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University
dc.subjectApplied Economics
dc.titleIntegrating Knowledge to Improve Dairy Farm Sustainability: Dairy Farm Sustainability Project Final Report

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