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dc.contributor.authorDoherty, Fiona
dc.contributor.authorEames-Sheavly, Marcia
dc.descriptionNYS IPM Type: Project Report
dc.description.abstractAs Cornell Garden-Based Learning increasingly creates opportunities for low income audiences, it is evident that low-literacy is an unmet pressing issue, often concealed since participants are skilled at hiding their inability to read; they are rarely considered as we strive to address the compelling concerns of our times. Detrimental impacts range from misuse of horticultural products to becoming further entrenched in patterns of poverty. To engage all participants and ensure that no one is excluded from vital information about our rapidly changing world, we performed a needs assessment to determine the ideal manner to prepare educational materials that support the adoption of IPM practices for this under-represented audience. The needs assessment later informed the development of Guidelines for Best Practices.
dc.publisherNew York State Integrated Pest Management Program
dc.subjectCommunity IPM
dc.titleA Low-Literacy Needs Assessment and Guidelines for Best Practices: How Do We Best Reach This Audience?

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