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dc.contributor.authorOffice of Marketing and Communications. Media Relations
dc.description.abstractThis news item is about: Kristen Reyher, D.V.M. ’02, discovered her calling in veterinary medicine when she spent a summer in Malawi. While traveling around the country on a mission trip in college, she noticed how many people depended on cattle, goats, sheep, and chickens for their livelihood. “When I went to Africa, I looked around and I thought, ‘Wow, this would be the way to impact people’s lives — to work with the animals that keep them alive,’ ” says Reyher, who now teaches veterinary epidemiology and population health at the Bristol Veterinary School in the United Kingdom.
dc.publisherCornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine
dc.subjectCornell University. College of Veterinary Medicine -- Periodicals.
dc.subjectReyher, Kristen
dc.subjectNegrea, Sherrie
dc.title2019 CVM News: Cow communication: Kristen Reyher, D.V.M. '02, finds new strategies to improve health of livestock

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