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    • Perspectives on Nobel Laureate Barbara McClintock’s Publications (1926-1984): A Companion Volume 

      Kass, Lee B.(editor) (Internet-First University Press, 2016-10-24)
      The original two volume set is a collection of papers and perspectives on the publications of Nobel Laureate Barbara McClintock, who was educated in Plant Breeding and Botany at Cornell University (1919-1927), and where ...
    • The Photographs of Frederick G. Marcham 

      Marcham, John (DeWitt Historical Society of Tompkins County, Ithaca, NY, 2000)
      Frederick George Marcham is remembered in Ithaca, New York, as a professor, teacher, and public official, hardly at all as a photographer. Some colleagues at Cornell University knew he collected prints and that in 1970 he ...
    • Plant biomechanics : an engineering approach to plant form and function 

      Niklas, Karl J. (University of Chicago Press, 1992)
      The aim of this book is to explore how plants function, grow, reproduce, and evolve within the limits set by their physical environment. It was written in the firm belief that organisms cannot violate the laws of physics ...
    • Pre-electronic Age References on Reproductive Physiology Across Many Species of Mammals and Birds 

      Foote, Robert H. (Internet-First University Press, 2006)
      As a graduate student in the late 1940s, Robert Foote wanted to expand his knowledge of comparative reproductive physiology, nutrition and genetics for professional improvement and to assist hundreds of undergraduate ...
    • Prevention of Youth Violence 

      Haugen, Heidi L. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 2000-02)
      This publication is designed to to assist those who provide programs aimed at preventing violence among young people. In an analysis of the problem and literature review, it discusses risk factors that lead to violence, ...
    • Proceedings of the Hatch Act Centennial Symposium 

      Unknown author (Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station, Ithaca, NY, 1987-05-05)
      Agriculture has undergone tremendous changes during the hundred years since the Hatch Act was signed on March 2, 1887, and the New York State and Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Stations were established. ...
    • Reflections on an Academic and Commercial Career 

      Jewell, William J. (Internet-First University Press, 2014-12)
      William Jewell, Professor Emeritus in Biological and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University, traces the arc of his professorial career as a teacher and researcher. His early interests in environmental issues, ...
    • Reminiscence in the Field of Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology 

      Leonard, Samuel L. (Internet-First University Press, 1979-02-27)
      Professor Emeritus Sam Leonard modestly recounts some of his illustrious career starting in the 1920s. Most of the seminar was devoted to early research on the various endocrine glands and their secretions by pioneering ...
    • Rethinking Informalization: Poverty, Precarious Jobs and Social Protection 

      Kudva, Neema; Beneria, Lourdes (2005-05)
      Globalization, deep economic restructuring, and neoliberal policies have transformed the world of work and labor markets in the North and the South. Contrary to expectations of those who studied the "informal sector" in ...
    • Selections Concerning the History of the Arecibo Observatory 

      Cooke, J. Robert (producer) (Cornell University, 2016)
      This booklet contains selections from the Cornell Alumni News for the years 1963 through 2007 concern-ing the history of the Arecibo Observatory. A companion collection has been assembled from the Cornell Engineering ...
    • Seven decades that changed America : a history of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, 1907-1977 

      Stewart, Robert E. (St. Joseph, Mich. : The Society, 1979)
      A history of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, 1907-1977.
    • Shakespeare Got It Wrong, It's Not "To Be," It's "To Do." The Autobiographical Memoirs of a Lucky Geophysicist. 

      Oliver, Jack E. (Northeastern Geology and Environmental Sciences, 2000)
      Cornell Emeritus Professor Jack Oliver reflects, often quite humorously, on his life and career. Includes stories of his boyhood in Ohio, his college days at Columbia, and his years teaching and conducting research at ...
    • Shaping the Future 

      Unknown author (2000)
    • Spacecraft Dynamics 

      Kane, Thomas R.; Likins, Peter W.; Levinson, David A. (McGraw Hill, 1983)
      This book is an outgrowth of courses taught at Stanford University and at UCLA, and of the author's professional activities in the field of spacecraft dynamics. It is intended for use as a textbook in courses of instruction ...
    • Stories from a Twentieth-century Life 

      Sears, William Rees (1993)
    • The Structural Ecology of Health and Community 

      Young, Frank W. (Internet-First University Press, 2009)
      Frank W. Young first became interested in the social causation of health in the context of development studies, where the central question was and still is "Why are some communities better off than others?" "Better off" ...
    • Summary of Oral History Interviews 

      Foote, Robert H. (Internet-First University Press, 2006)
      A project to record the histories of the development of dairy cattle artificial insemination (AI) in the United States was undertaken by Drs. Robert Bratton and Gould P. Colman. From the oral interviews of 14 people, ...
    • Survey of the Avian Alimentary Tract 

      Crompton, DWT; Nesheim, MC (Internet-First University Press, 2016)
      This Survey of the Alimentary Tract of Birds, includes drawings of the alimentary tract of 151 birds from 52 families. Also included are radiographs of the digestive system of the domestic fowl as well as whole body ...
    • The Theses, Papers and Publications of Henry D. Bowen and His Students – 1952 – 1991 

      Bowen, Henry D. (Internet-First University Press, 1992-01)
      This compilation was prepared as a tribute to Henry D. Bowen when he was conferred emeritus status in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at North Carolina State University. His students spread his ...
    • Vascular Plant Species of the Cayuga Region of New York State 

      Wesley, F. Robert; Gardescu, Sana; Marks, P. L. (2008-01-01)
      This dataset lists the vascular plants found in a region of central New York State extending from 42 N to 43 N, and 76 W to 77 W (the USGS "Cayuga Quadrangle"), plus a small area north of 43 degrees in the "Cayuga Lake ...