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    • Education & Agriculture: A History of the New York State College of Agriculture at Cornell University 

      Colman, Gould P. (Cornell University Press, 1963)
      The College of Agriculture at Cornell University reveals through this history its contributions of nearly a century of continuous service.
    • Elmira, Cortland & Northern RR: 1867 to 1967 and On 

      Marcham, David; Marcham, John (editor) (DeWitt Historical Society (Imprint of The History Center in Tompkins County), 2009)
      This book is both a railroad history and memoir. The author vividly reconstructs the life of the Elmira, Cortland & Northern Railroad, its predecessor lines, and successors over the one hundred years the route was in ...
    • The End of the Line : Essays on Psychoanalysis and the Sublime 

      Hertz, Neil (Internet-First University Press, 2005)
      Neil Hertz's long-awaited volume of essays explores the notion of the sublime in literary and psychoanalytic texts from Longinus to Freud. The End of the Line focuses on "authorial surrogates" -figures who appear in ...

      Block, H.D.; Cranch, E.T.; Hilton, P.J.; Walker, R.J. (Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 1964)
      "Engineering Mathematics" by H.D. Block, E.T. Cranch, P.J. Hilton and R.J. Walker was a two volume work that was written, published and first used as a text at Cornell University in 1964. The project was a cooperative ...
    • Enhancement of Wildlife Habitat on Private Lands 

      Decker, Daniel J.; Kelley, John W.; Goff, Gary R.; Schneider, Rebecca; Smith, Charles R.; Curtis, Paul D. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1998-02)
      This publication desribes methods to enhance wildlife populations on private lands. It includes illustrations and instructions for 10 low-cost to moderate-cost projects to provide desirable habitats. Many of the projects ...
    • Enrico Fermi-The Master Scientist 

      Orear, Jay (2004-01-27)
      Cornell Emeritus Professor Jay Orear discusses his relationship with his former professor and mentor Enrico Fermi. The book also includes discussions of Fermi by other scientists, most of whom presented their papers at ...
    • Evolution of Plant Breeding at Cornell University 

      Murphy, Royse P.; Kass, Lee B. (The Internet-First University Press, 2011)
      Drs. Royse P. Murphy and Lee B. Kass prepared this 179-page account of the history of Plant Breeding—among the most distinguished academic departments at Cornell—on the occasion of its centennial. In addition to a wealth ...
    • Family Business: An Oral History of Farm Resource Management 

      Colman, Gould P. (Cornell University, 2014-05)
      This book is based upon recorded conversations began in 1966 and continued until 1983 with farm people tracing decisions and outcomes—from initial idea to implementation—in a business they owned and operated. “Oral history” ...
    • Final Project Report to Atlantic Philanthropies: Creating an Open Access Paradigm for Scholarly Publishing 

      Cooke, J. Robert; King, Kenneth M. (2006-08-15)
      This is the final report for the Atlantic Philanthropies funded study, "Creating an Open Access Paradigm for Scholarly Publishing" (October 2002 thru June 2006). The DSpace digital repository, created at the MIT library, ...

      Lee, Jae Young (1986-06)
      A new method of element decomposition is introduced in the formulation of a new shell finite element. The actual element is decomposed into a translational element defined completely by the nodal translations and a difference ...
    • The First-Year Experience: A Guide to Best Practices at Cornell University 

      Earle, Brian O. (2004-01-20)
      A survey of Cornell University students indicated that many feel isolated and are dissatisfied with their interactions with faculty and with other students. This paper looks at current best practices at Cornell in order ...
    • Food Science at Cornell University: A Century of Excellence, 1902-2002 

      Bandler, David K.; Holland, Robert F. (Cornell University, 2002)
      This publication is a comprehensive look at the evolution of the Department of Food Science at Cornell University from the early years through its centennial celebration in 2002.
    • Frederick George Marcham (1992-1993 Memorial Statements of the University Faculty) 

      Gates, Paul W.; LaFeber, Walter F.; Wolters, Oliver W. (Internet-First University Press, 1992)
      An Obituary of Professor Frederick G. Marcham.
    • The Gangly Country Cousin: The Lehigh Valley's Auburn Division 

      Trice, Herbert V. (Dewitt Historical Society, 2004)
      This is the story of how the Lehigh Valley Railroad consolidated many hastily built shortlines in upstate New York to create its Auburn Division in the late 1800s. Basically a rural railroad launched by colorful ...
    • Glenn W. Salisbury: Biographical Memoir 

      Foote, Robert H. (Internet-First University Press, 2005)
      Glenn Salisbury graduated from Ohio State University in 1931 and then he continued at Cornell University where he received his Ph.D. in 1934. He was a pioneer in developing the artificial insemination program in dairy ...
    • Guide to the Plant Communities of the Central Finger Lakes Region 

      Mohler, Charles L.; Marks, Peter L.; Gardescu, Sana (Internet-First University Press, 2006)
      This book is for anyone with an interest in the outdoors, who would like to learn about the Finger Lakes region in general, and in particular about the kinds of plant communities found in central New York. Our main ...
    • Highlights in Dairy Cattle Reproduction in the Last 100 Years 

      Foote, Robert H. (Internet-First University Press, 2005)
      The booklet is written in two parts. Part I is a general overview of the important discoveries in reproduction and reproductive biotechnologies applied to dairy cattle, written for a general audience. Part II is a technical ...
    • Historical Perspective in Principles of Cloning 

      Foote, Robert H. (Internet-First University Press, 2002)
      Cloning, or asexual reproduction, is the typical way that simple organisms reproduce. However, mammals normally cannot reproduce asexually. This chapter is part of a book that traces the development of a limited understanding ...
    • A history of activities from 1963 – Retirement, 1998 

      German, Gene A. (The Internet-First University Press, 2017-02-07)
      Gene German describes his Cornell journey from the Food Industry Management Program and the Home Study Program in Food Industry Management to his experiences teaching popular courses, advising students and leading the Food ...
    • The History of Computing at Cornell 

      Rudan, John W. (2004-01-29)
      John W. Rudan, Director Emeritus of the Office of Information Technologies at Cornell University, describes the development of computing at Cornell, from the earliest punchcard tabulating equipment used in the 1920s to the ...