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  • Josip Smodlaka on Conditions in Dalmatia, 1910 

    Smodlaka, Josip (Constable and Co., 1911)
    The following speech was delivered in the Austrian Parliament on December 3, 1910. The speaker, Dr. Joseph Smodlaka, the founder of the Croat Democratic Party in Dalmatia, and member of Parliament for Spalato, is one of ...
  • Administrative Court Decision Concerning the National Categorization of Schoolchildren in Moravia, 1913 

    Unknown author (Manz, 1914)
    Decision on the case of Lehar (see document by this author) regarding the practice of nationalizing schoolchildren in Austrian Moravia.
  • Legal Appeal Regarding the National Categorization of Schoolchildren in Moravia, 1912 

    Lehar, Johann (Oesterreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1985)
    Appeal of Johann Lehar in Hohenstadt (Zabreh [the Czech name]) (Moravia) to the Supreme Administrative Court against the Ministry of Religion and Education, May 11, 1912. Complains about the practice of sending German ...
  • The Rijeka (Fiume) Resolution, 1905 

    Unknown author (London: Constable and Co., 1911)
    Expresses solidarity with the Hungarian wish to gradually achieve full independence from Austria. Also, talks about the territorial integration of Dalmatia, Croatia and Slavonia as a condition of support for Hungarian aims.
  • The Case of Bohemia, 1917 

    Namier, Lewis (The Czech National Alliance in Great Britain, 1917)
    Argues for an independent Bohemia as a check on the power of Germans and Magyars (Hungarians).

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