Classics is the original interdisciplinary academic field at the heart both of European/western civilization and today’s Liberal Arts education. We teach and research the languages (Greek, Latin), literature, history, philosophy, science, art, material culture that survive from the worlds of ancient Greece, Rome, and Late Antiquity. Our field ranges from great literature, to the basis to western history, thought, legal systems, science and religion, to inscriptions and papyri on individuals and institutions covering all levels of these ancient societies. Through archaeology and art history we investigate and analyze the material record and environment of these civilizations and their neighbors – accessing a past beyond the texts of the elite and their mostly male voices to explore fully this world from top to bottom. For more information, go to The Department of Classics homepage.

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  • The Downward Journey or the Tyrant 

    Lucian, of Samosata (Polis Institute - Cornell University, 2019-02-02)
    This is a dramatic reading of Lucian's dialogue The Downward Journey in the original ancient Greek, with multiple voices and sound effects, intended to help students of ancient Greek improve their aural fluency. In the ...


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