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dc.contributor.authorSenesac, Andy
dc.identifier.citationExcerpted from Branching Out IPM Newsletter (2016), Vol. 23 No. 8
dc.description.abstractThe study evaluated four ready-to-use products available to homeowners that offer postemergence weed control and additional ‘extended control’. In the study these extended control products were applied to the base of four tree and shrub species established for three years in the field. The treatments consisted of an application at the suggested labeled rate and at twice that rate. Results are discussed.
dc.publisherCornell University Department of Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology
dc.subjectherbicide injury
dc.subjectweed control
dc.subjectextended control
dc.titleConsumer ‘Extended Weed Control’ Products: Nothing is Foolproof!
dc.typefact sheet

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