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dc.contributor.authorDailey O'Brien, Dawn
dc.identifier.citationExcerpted from Branching Out IPM Newsletter (2013), Vol. 20 No. 9
dc.description.abstractSpruce trees are susceptible to a variety of needle diseases that cause their needles to shed which can severely affect their aesthetic value and the health of the tree. Spruces can become more susceptible to diseases and pests when they become stressed. There are several common diseases found in New York which can cause spruce needles to drop including Rhizosphaera needle cast, Weir’s cushion rust, Stigmina needle blight, and Cytospora canker. Sudden needle drop disease (SNEED) is associated with Setomelanomma holmii. The chart compares and contrasts each disease.
dc.publisherCornell University Department of Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology
dc.subjectneedle disease
dc.subjectblack fruiting bodies
dc.subjectorange blisters
dc.subjectpurple needle
dc.titleWhat is Making My Spruce Tree Drop its Needles?
dc.typefact sheet

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