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dc.contributor.authorSnover-Clift, Karen
dc.identifier.citationExcerpted from Branching Out IPM Newsletter (2017), Vol. 24 No. 5
dc.description.abstractThis article reviews the work involved in a recently completed Specialty Crop Block Grant project focusing on surveying for the oak wilt pathogen (with our NYS Department of Environmental Conservation [NYSDEC] collaborators) and improving the Cornell University, Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic’s (PDDC) diagnostic procedures to include adding a molecular technique. The PDDC staff identified the fungus that causes the oak wilt disease for the first time in 2008 in a small neighborhood in Schenectady County, New York.
dc.publisherCornell University Department of Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology
dc.subjectspecialty crop block grant
dc.subjectCornell Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic
dc.subjectPCR test
dc.subjectmolecular PCR
dc.titleA New York State Oak Wilt Project: a few discoveries made and lessons learned
dc.typefact sheet

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