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dc.contributor.authorGilrein, Dan
dc.identifier.citationExcerpted from Branching Out IPM Newsletter (2015), Vol. 22 No. 5
dc.description.abstractWax scale (Ceroplastes ceriferus), also known as Indian wax scale, is a non-native pest established in the southeastern U.S. but now being found as far north as Long Island and Westchester County where it seems to be surviving winters with some regularity, both outdoors and especially under cover in nurseries. Azalea bark scale (Acanthococcus [Eriococcus] azaleae) is another exotic species probably established in much of the US. It overwinters regularly in the northeastern US and has been present for many years in NY. Descriptions, life cycles, hosts, and management of Indian wax scale and azalea scale are covered.
dc.publisherCornell University Department of Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology
dc.subjectsooty mold
dc.subjectcameo stage
dc.subjectdunce cap stage
dc.subjectfelt scale
dc.titleMatters of Scale: Wax and Azalea Bark Scales
dc.typefact sheet

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