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dc.contributor.authorWright, Pete
dc.contributor.authorInglis, Scott
dc.description.abstractNo single manure treatment system will meet the varied needs of every dairy farm. Farms vary in their resources and their environmental concerns. Some farms have access to more capital, skilled labor, management ability, land resources, water resources, and markets than other farms. Each farm locations and watershed may have unique environmental problems from nitrogen, phosphorous, organic loading, pathogens, and or odors. Different manure treatment and handling methods will be needed to match the resources and needs of different farms. Manure from storages is already generating many complaints about odor. When manure is stored it starts to decompose anaerobically creating strong odors. Society objects to bad odors as much, if not more than to dirty water. Therefore, treatment for odor control will become much more common as farms are forced to convert to storing their manure. This paper will explore the variety of treatment systems proposed for use in and near New York State on dairy farms to provide a basis for comparison.en_US
dc.subjectOdor Solutionsen_US
dc.subjectManure Management Systemsen_US
dc.titleComparing Odor Control Treatment Methods on North East Dairy Farmsen_US

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