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dc.contributor.editorCen, Haiyan
dc.description.abstractThe Norman R. Scott Distinguished Seminar in Global Food Security presents a lecture by Professor Haiyan Cen of Zhejiang University. A brief introduction about the research areas in the College of Biosystems Engineering and Food Science at Zhejiang University will be presented. Advanced plant phenotyping technology for precision agriculture and breeding program on different scales will be discussed. In particular, optical imaging techniques combined with laboratory-used, ground-based and UAV-based platforms are promising for high-throughput indoor and infield plant phenotyping, and they have been widely used for plant growth monitoring, nitrogen evaluation, and stress detection. The presentation will also discuss the major challenges and future directions on plant phenotyping, and explore the potential research collaboration of ZJU-Cornell University in this interdisciplinary area.
dc.publisherInternet-First University Press
dc.subjectSmart Agriculture
dc.subjectBiosystems Engineering
dc.subjectFood Science
dc.titleMulti-scale Plant Phenotyping Technology for Smart Agriculture: Opportunities and Challenges
dc.typevideo/moving image

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