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dc.contributor.authorZhang, Jiaming
dc.identifier.otherbibid: 10489698
dc.description.abstractGrowing number of sport retail brands started to create innovative shopping experience by implementing advanced technology to their physical retail store, such as interactive digital screen, projection mapping, augmented reality mirror, and even virtual reality experience station. However, the attitudes and feedbacks of consumers with different shopping values towards this trend were not being studied. The purpose of this research is to understand the impact of interactive technology features in the sports retail environments on consumers’ perception and behavior in the shopping environment. To investigate the impact, a between-subjects experiment was conducted with 61 college students using 3D simulation technology. Participants were first asked to complete a survey regarding their individual shopping value (hedonistic/utilitarian), and after the virtual shopping experience, their emotional and cognitive perceptions and shopping behavioral intentions asked. Their responses were analyzed to compare the experience under two distinct store conditions. The findings of this research will help both researchers and retailers understand and integrate interactive technology efficiently to optimize customers’ shopping experience.
dc.subjectInformation technology
dc.subjectUser Experience
dc.subjectbehavioral intention
dc.subjectinteractive technology
dc.subjectsports retail
dc.titleThe Impact of Interactive Technology Features in Sports Retail Environment on Consumer's User Experience and Behavioral Intention
dc.typedissertation or thesis and Environmental Analysis University of Science, Design and Environmental Analysis
dc.contributor.chairYoon, So-Yeon
dc.contributor.committeeMemberAndersen, Erik

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