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dc.contributor.authorTan, Shao Min
dc.identifier.otherbibid: 10489497
dc.description.abstractWe embark on a parallel journey through physics, and the communication of physics. On one hand, we investigate a method of kinematic reconstruction suited for events containing top quarks produced in conjunction with other particles. After optimising the fitting process, we apply the reconstruction to ttH, H to bb events in the single-leptonic channel. The reconstruction results in better estimates of particle momenta (including neutrino momenta) when applied to simulated events where the correct b quark permutations are known. However, when applied to fully-simulated MC datasets, it produces little change in the limits on the ttH signal strength calculated using BDTs pre-trained on non-reconstructed events. In parallel, we study techniques for effective science communication for different audiences. In particular, we focus on my blog about the science of music and speech, which uses narrative elements, self-coded multimedia demos, and explanations at various levels of detail to present the subject in an appealing and understandable way. Finally, we briefly look at communication techniques for guided tours at CERN for the visiting public.
dc.subjectKinematic reconstruction
dc.subjectScience blogging
dc.subjectParticle physics
dc.titleKinematic Reconstruction of ttH, H to bb Events at the LHC, and Science Outreach Through Multimedia Blogging
dc.typedissertation or thesis University of Philosophy D., Physics
dc.contributor.chairAlexander, James Paul
dc.contributor.committeeMemberPerelstein, Maxim
dc.contributor.committeeMemberThom-Levy, Julia

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