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    • Egg Identification Guide for Aedes albopictus in the Northeast, USA 

      Shragai, Talya; Mader, Emily; Harrington, Laura (2018-07)
      An identification guide to distinguish eggs laid by Aedes albopcitus from other urban Aedes mosquito species in the Northeast USA, using compound microscopes.
    • Field Notes in Support of a Revision of Hawaiian Carabidae 

      Liebherr, James K (2021-08)
      This contribution comprises transcribed field notes keyed to valid scientific names for specimens collected during 1991-2006 fieldwork that supported taxonomic revision of the native Hawaiian carabid beetles. An introduction ...
    • How to Construct a Blacklight Trap 

      Alvarado, Antonio; Mader, Emily; Dombroskie, Jason; Harrington, Laura (Northeast Regional Center for Excellence in Vector-Borne Diseases, 2022-04-12)
      A brief instructional guide for building a blacklight trap to collect insects, including triatomine bugs (aka kissing bugs or conenose bugs).