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    • Chapter 3: Environmental Optical Properties 

      Pe'eri, Shachak; Feygels, Viktor; Tingaker, Torbjorn; Kopilevich, Yuri; Kim, Minsu; Philpot, William; Wang, Chi-Kuei (2019)
      When the lidar pulse is transmitted out of the ALB system, it interacts with various environmental regions from the time of transmission until the pulse is reflected from the seafloor and received back at the ALB detector. ...
    • Chapter 4: Basic Concepts and System Design 

      Feygels, Viktor; Kopilevich, Yuri; Kim, Minsu; LaRocque, Paul; Pe'eri, Shachak; Philpot, William (2019)
      All airborne lidar bathymeter (ALB) systems locate the bottom of a water body by tracking the progression of a short light pulse from its initial contact with the water surface through its interaction with the bottom. The ...
    • Chapter 5: Basic Concepts in Data Processing 

      Feygels, Viktor; Kopilevich, Yuri; Kim, Minsu; Wang, Chi-Kuei (2019)
      This chapter details the various data processing steps used to retrieve useful data from the lidar waveform (other than depth of an individual pulse). The introductory section describes the sequence of coordinate transformations ...