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  • Three Essays on Economic Issues Confronting the Fresh Produce Sector 

    Yeh, Dourong Adeline (2021-05)
    This dissertation consists of three chapters investigating economic issues confronting the fresh produce sector in the U.S., focusing on alternative production practices and technologies that have sustainability implications ...
  • Essays on Environmental Challenges and Regulations in China 

    Yang, Lin (2021-05)
    As one of the most rapidly growing economies, China has been experiencing pressing environmental and urban challenges due to a dramatic increase in fossil fuel consumption, and a lack of stringent and well-enforced ...
  • Essays on Carbon and Water Pricing 

    Soares Cardoso, Diego (2021-05)
    This dissertation consists of three chapters that are tied together by their study of pricing mechanisms in the context of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics. The first chapter investigates the efficient pricing ...

    Rajkumar, Vidya Bharathi (2021-05)
    This dissertation focuses on the effects of migration and remittances on the welfare of families left-behind, in the context of farming households in rural India. Labor migration is heavily male dominant in India, and women ...
  • Essays in Environmental, Transportation, and Urban Economics 

    Liang, Yuanning (2021-05)
    This dissertation consists of three chapters studying environmental, transportation and urban challenges in both domestic and international settings. The first chapter “Do Safety Inspections Improve Safety? Evidence from ...
  • Consumer use of food bank services: questions of timing and value 

    Byrne, Anne Teresa (2021-05)
    Food banks and their affiliate pantries are an important part of the food assistance patchwork in the United States, feeding millions of individuals including many who are hungry and food insecure. This dissertation contains ...
  • Three essays on the economics of poverty, nutrition, and development 

    Blom, Sylvia Annette (2021-05)
    Climate change and urbanization pose new challenges and opportunities to the effort to alleviate poverty in developing countries. This dissertation is comprised of three chapters that examine questions relating to the ...
  • Essays in Development and Nutrition Economics 

    Park, Seollee (2019-05-30)
    This dissertation contains three essays in development and nutrition. These essays focus on a prevalent health problem in the developing world, undernutrition, which is one of the leading causes of child mortality and leads ...
  • Essays on the Value of Local Public Goods 

    Jerch, Rhiannon Leigh (2019-05-30)
    This dissertation consists of three chapters studying the effects of public goods and public infrastructure investments on urban growth and local government finances. The first chapter estimates, first, how local governments ...
  • Choices and Preferences at the Individual, Household, and Community Levels 

    Gao, Xin (2019-05-30)
    This dissertation consists of three essays that examine choices and preferences at the individual, household and community levels. The first chapter, "Labor Market Outcomes with Heterogeneous Preferences and Search Frictions: ...

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