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dc.contributor.authorBotsio, Papa Kojo
dc.description.abstractThis thesis presents an exploration of welfare provision and low continuity rates in Ghana's public education system. The first chapter provides a brief introduction to the study, including the background and motivation for undertaking this research. The introduction is then followed by a literature review and theoretical framework section that presents some of the influential literature that have framed my thoughts and analysis. A discussion chapter follows to define in figures, what the issue of low continuity rates looks like in Ghana, and how Ghana compares to exemplars in the field of Comparative Education as well as to geographically proximate and economically similar countries. Historical and Current Welfare Interventions in Ghana which target education are then presented and analyzed for their effects on education, especially on continuity rates. The following chapter then outlines some of the major causes, followed by a chapter that makes suggestions for tackling low continuity rates in Ghana's Public Education System all from the perspectives of Elite Stakeholders in the education sector in Ghana. This thesis then concludes with a summary chapter that acknowledges limitations to the study and finally closes with some concluding thoughts and further research ideas.
dc.titlePerspectives on Welfare Provision and Low Continuity Rates within Ghana's Public Education System
dc.typedissertation or thesis Administration

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