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dc.contributor.authorQuaidoo, Marilyn
dc.description.abstractFemale entrepreneurs in Africa contribute significantly to the growth of national economies. However, they face multiple limitations while running their businesses. The purpose of this thesis is to explore the relationship between female entrepreneurship and economic development in Ghana. Hence, the question under consideration is: What role do female agribusiness owners play in Ghana's economic development? A Case Study of Solution Oasis. In this study, I assess the relationship between entrepreneurship and economic development through both theoretical and empirical analysis. I also address the importance of the agricultural sector to African economies like Ghana with a focus on the socioeconomic role of female agribusiness owners. Using a case study analysis, I describe the organizational structure and operations of a Ghanaian female entrepreneur's company and provide readers with the current opportunities and threats she encounters in fostering economic growth in Ghana.
dc.titleThe Role of Entrepreneurs in Economic Development: Prospects and Challenges of Female Entrepreneurs in Agribusiness in Ghana
dc.typedissertation or thesis Administration

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