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    • On-Farm Agrichemical Handling Facilities (NRAES 78) 

      Ross, David S.; Bartok, John W. (Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service (NRAES), 1995-08)
    • Production of Vegetables, Strawberries, and Cut Flowers Using Plasticulture (NRAES-133) 

      Lamont, William J.; Bartok, John W.; Berghage, Robert D.; Bonanno, A. Richard; Fiola, Joseph A.; Garrison, Stephen A.; Garthe, James W.; Hochmuth, George J.; Hodges, Laurie; Olson, Steve; Orzolek, Michael D.; Paterson, James W.; Ross, David S.; Rouse, Robert; Sellmer, James; Wells, Otho S. (Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service (NRAES), 2004-12)
      Plasticulture is the use of plastics in agriculture. The book discusses plastic mulch, drip irrigation, fertigation, season extension, windbreaks, crop establishment, and more. Strawberry and cut flower production are ...