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    • Animal Production Systems for Pasture-Based Livestock Production (NRAES 171) 

      Bamka, William J.; Muller, Lawrence D.; Chase, Larry E.; Polan, Carl E.; Comerford, John W.; Prigge, Edward C.; Emmick, Darrell L.; Provenza, Frederick D.; Greiner, Scott P.; Rayburn, Edward B.; Hall, John B.; Shockey, William L.; Harpster, Harold W.; Shulaw, William P.; Kluchinski, Daniel; Singer, Jeremy W.; Luginbuhl, Jean-Marie; Turner, Kenneth E.; McKinnon, Bill R.; Wahlberg, Mark L.; Washburn, Steven P. (Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service (NRAES), 2008-12)
      The book explores foraging behavior, basic animal nutrition, and parasite control for pasture-based animals with chapters devoted to beef, dairy, sheep, goat, and horse nutrition and management.
    • Forage Moisture Determination (NRAES 59) 

      Brusewitz, Gerald H.; Pitt, Ronald E.; Chase, Larry E.; Collins, Michael; Delwiche, Stephen R.; Garthe, James W.; Muck, Richard E. (Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service (NRAES), 1993-03)
      This publication is intended for forage producers, extension specialists, consultants, and researchers. Part I is an overview of forage moisture determination and describes proper procedures for collecting samples. Part ...