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  • Static and dynamic impacts of venture capital shareholding on stock price crash risk 

    Yang, Bin; Zhou, Yuefan; Fang, Chuangtao; Guo, Xinmei; Yang, Xuan; Chen, Mengni; He, Dawn (2018-05)
    With the rapid development of venture capital industry in China, venture capital firms are playing an increasingly active role in funding startups. As more and more companies with venture capital shareholders go public, ...
  • Firm performance examination of lodging REITs and specialty REITs companies 

    Zhang, Qingguo (2017-05)
    This study investigated the performance of lodging and specialty real estate investment trusts (REITs) over a 11-year period from January 2007 to December 2017. The results of the study indicated that, overall, specialty ...
  • Influence of advertising attributes on audio ad effectiveness 

    Xu, Lingyi; Wang, Lu; Yu Yingying (2018-05)
    This research focuses on the key attributes of audio advertising. Content analysis are conducted for the 121 audio ads objects with labels of attributes. Regression models and cluster analysis are then conducted based on ...
  • Does products labeling have stigma effect on GMO products 

    Zhang, Xiaolin (2018-05)
    Production labeling is commonly used to convey specific information to customers. With distinctive labels, customers may make different choices due to different labels. Sometimes, consumers may be attracted by attractive ...
  • Analysis of barley contracts in North America via AB InBev 

    Slocum, Lawrence (2018-05)
    The purpose of this project was to analyze three types of barley forwards contracts as they are used in North America by the company AB InBev. The scope of the project includes the profiling of farmers to determine what ...

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