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    • Summer editorial work 

      Martin, Peter (2001-05-09)
      A list of editorial tasks to be accomplished during the summer of 2001
    • Center for the Public Domain grant in support of work on the U.S. Code 

      Martin, Peter (2001)
      Reports submitted to the Center for the Public Domain (Red Hat Center) on its grant to the Legal Information Institute
    • Reviews of LII site 

      Martin, Peter (2001)
      A compilation of reviews of the Legal Information Institute's web site
    • Excerpts from the LII Management Plan 

      Martin, Peter; Bruce, Thomas R. (2000)
      During the year the Legal Information Institute and dean worked on a long-term planning document excerpted in this item
    • Distance Learning Issues and Options 

      Martin, Peter (2000-12)
      A planning document setting out what could be learned from the current courses and possible future options
    • Presentation to Cornell Law School Advisory Council 

      Martin, Peter; Bruce, Thomas R. (2000-10)
      An updated profile of the Institute, including site traffic, collaborating institutions, new projects
    • LII NEWS: October 2000 

      Martin, Peter; Bruce, Thomas R. (2000-10)
      A report to the members, supporters and sponsors of the Legal Information Institute
    • Red Hat Center (Center for the Public Domain) grant 

      Martin, Peter (2000)
      The Legal Information Institute applied for an received a grant from the Center for the Public Domain in support of its publication of the U.S. Code. These items (proposal and press release) relate to that grant.
    • Invitation to summer workshop 

      Martin, Peter; Bruce, Thomas R. (2000-07)
      Invitation to other non-profit law publishers to participate in a summer workshop, addressing common questions of markup and other technical matters
    • Final Report to Atlantic Philanthropic 

      Martin, Peter (2000-03-29)
      The final report from Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute (LII) covering the third year of a five year period during which the LII's hardware and software needs are being supported by a gift of $107,500 from ...