The materials listed here have been authored or co-authored by faculty members currently or formerly associated with Cornell's Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. Selected by faculty themselves, they represent only a portion of materials authored by them, where no copyright restrictions exist. For a more recent and complete list of publications, please visit the respective EEB Faculty web pages.

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  • Transgenerational Consequences of Plant Responses to Herbivory: An Adaptive Maternal Effect 

    Agrawal, Anurag A. (University of Chicago Press, 2000-12-21)
    Herbivory has many effects on plants, ranging from shifts in primary processes such as photosynthesis, growth, and phenology to effects on defense against subsequent herbivores and other species interactions. In this study, ...
  • The raison d'etre of chemical ecology 

    Raguso, Robert A.; Agrawal, Anurag A.; Douglas, Angela E.; Jander, Georg; Kessler, Andre; Poveda, Katja; Thaler, Jennifer S. (Ecological Society of America, 2015-03-01)
    Chemical ecology is a mechanistic approach to understanding the causes and consequences of species interactions, distribution, abundance, and diversity. The promise of chemical ecology stems from its potential to provide ...
  • Toward a Predictive Framework for Convergent Evolution: Integrating Natural History, Genetic Mechanisms, and Consequences for the Diversity of Life 

    Agrawal, Anurag A. (University of Chicago Press, 2017-08)
    A charm of biology as a scientific discipline is the diversity of life. Although this diversity can make laws of biology challenging to discover, several repeated patterns and general principles govern evolutionary ...
  • The importance of plant genotype and contemporary evolution for terrestrial ecosystem processes 

    Fitzpatrick, C. R.; Agrawal, Anurag A.; Basiliko, N.; Hastings, Amy P.; Isaac, M. E.; Preston, M.; Johnson, Mark T. (Ecological Society of America, 2015-10-01)
    Plant genetic variation and evolutionary dynamics are predicted to impact ecosystem processes but these effects are poorly understood. Here we test the hypothesis that plant genotype and contemporary evolution influence ...
  • The Benefits of Induced Defenses Against Herbivores 

    Karban, Richard; Agrawal, Anurag A.; Mangel, Marc (Ecological Society of America, 1997-07-01)
    Previous explanations for the evolution of induced resistance of plants to herbivory emphasized arguments based on saving costs when allocations to defense were not needed; these models met with limited empirical support. ...

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