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dc.contributor.authorCherney, Jerry
dc.contributor.authorCherney, Debbie
dc.contributor.authorPaddock, Ken
dc.description.abstractWhile almost 90 percent of alfalfa acreage in NY is sown with a perennial grass, alfalfa acreage in the rest of the USA may average more than 90 percent pure alfalfa. Interest appears to be growing in alfalfa-grass mixtures across the northern tier of states. Until recently, little research has been conducted on grass species selection or management of mixtures. The primary negative point with mixtures is not lower forage quality, but variable forage quality. The main cause of this variability is a variable alfalfa-grass ratio.en_US
dc.publisherProgressive Dairymanen_US
dc.subjectalfalfa, grass, perennial, harvest, species, forageen_US
dc.titleAlfalfa-Grass Mixtures -- 2017 Updateen_US

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