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dc.descriptionFEATURES • 4 From Mountain to Sea: Cornell Modern Indonesia Project's Third Conference Commenmorates the 50th Anniversary of Claire Holt's Art in Indonesia: Continuities and Change, by Kaja McGowan • 8 Stitching Together One Day in the Life of Cornell in Cambodia's Performing Angkor: Dance, Silk, & Stone, by Kaja McGowan • 12 Cambodia's Search for Identity, by Abigail Chen • 15 Thai Spirit Mediums, Jesus, and an Anthropologist in Bangkok, by Erick White • 18 Making the UNfamiliar Familiar: Engaging the Senses to Overcome Culture Shock in the Field, by Marilyn Brody • 22 The Language of Jakarta: Past and Present, by Ferdinan Okki Kurniawan • COLUMNS • 24 SEAP Languages: Faculty Spotlight on Hannah Phan, Senior Lecturer, Khmer • 26 The Echols Collection: Teaching Genocide: Using Kroch Library Resources to Prompt Inquiry and Reflection, by Gaurav Toor • 29 SEAP Publications • 30 SEAP Outreach: SEAP Co-hosts Workshop on Refugees in the Classroom, by Leigha Crout • NEWS • 32 Announcements: On Campus and Beyond • 33 Upcoming Events • 34 New Faculty Associate in Research • 35 SEAP Faculty Recipients of Internationalizing the Cornell Curriculum Grants • 36 New Faculty • 38 Awards • 39 SEAP Faculty 2017-2018en_US
dc.description.abstractThe Southeast Asia Program Bulletin is an annual publication covering Cornell faculty research , SEAP outreach activities, student news, and updates about the Kahin Center.en_US
dc.publisherSoutheast Asia Program, Cornell Universityen_US
dc.titleFall Bulletin 2017en_US

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