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dc.contributor.authorCornell University, Office of the Dean of the University Faculty; deLahunta, Alexander; Bezuidenhout, Abraham; White, Maurice E.
dc.description.abstractMemorial Statement for Professor Robert E. Habel, D.V.M. (1918-2013) who became Professor Emeritus of Veterinary Anatomy upon his retirement in 1978. After receiving his DVM from Ohio State University, Dr. Habel had joined the Cornell faculty as Assistant Professor in 1947 and then served as Professor and Head of the Department of Anatomy until 1976. Known as a dedicated and skill anatomist, he established a course in applied anatomy for veterinary students at Cornell. Dr. Habel was also recognized internationally as one of the founding members of the International Association of Veterinary Anatomists in 1957 and also held leadership positions as President of the American Association of Veterinary Anatomists and World Association of Veterinary Anatomists. He was instrumental in publishing the Nomina Anatomica Veterinaria (NAV) in 1968 and received a number of professional awards.
dc.publisherCornell University
dc.subjectNew York State Veterinary College -- Faculty -- Obituaries; Cornell University. College of Veterinary Medicine -- Faculty -- Obituaries; Robert E. Habel -- Obituaries; Anatomy -- Study and teaching
dc.titleHabel, Robert E.

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