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dc.contributor.authorOffice of Marketing and Communications. Media Relations
dc.description.abstractThis news item from Cornell Research is about: In the early 1990s, Steven A. Osofsky, Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences, was a young wildlife veterinarian recently graduated from Cornell and headed for southern Africa. One of the first things he noticed when he got there were the thousands of miles of fences covering the land. They were there to keep domestic beef cattle separated from wild buffalo because buffalo carry the virus for foot and mouth disease (FMD), which can sicken cattle and cause trade embargoes on beef from affected countries.
dc.publisherCornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine
dc.subjectCornell University. College of Veterinary Medicine -- Periodicals.; Osofsky, Steven A.; Cornell Research; Swift, Jackie
dc.title2017 CVM News: Dr. Steven A. Osofsky featured on Cornell Research
dc.title.alternativeCattle, conservation and collaboration

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