Recent Submissions

  • Flooding on amphibians 

    Wang, Yiting (2022)
    This project starts with the irregular urban flooding in the city of Binghamton as a backdrop. In the process of studying the city, I gradually found out about the urban fragmentation situation caused by the construction ...
  • Collaborative visions for a resilient future 

    SUN, Yuang (2022)
    In this year's MPS project, we mainly focus on the flooding issues in Binghamton, considering how to reimagine the floodplain as a unique territory for high ecological and social value and the land as a matrix of flood ...
  • MPS 2022 design method 

    SUN, Chenxin (2022)
    This year's Master of Professional Studies in Landscape Architecture project starts with floodplain plant communities in Binghamton. Binghamton is in the New York State at Broome County which nears the border of Pennsylvania. ...
  • Designing a resilient apple: a landscape design approach 

    Lynch, James (2021-05)
    Malus domestica (the apple) is a historic and culturally important fruit that has been cultivated and bred for specific qualities, reducing its genetic diversity, and making it susceptible to pests and disease. This thesis ...
  • Design Method: Floodplain As A Landscape 

    Yang, Yanni; Chen, Shuzheng (2020-07)


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