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dc.contributor.authorSeaman, Abby
dc.descriptionNYS IPM Type: Project Report
dc.description.abstractSince 1993, pheromone traps for the important lepidopterous pests of sweet corn, the E and Z strain of the European corn borer (ECB-E and ECB-Z), corn earworm (CEW), and fall armyworm (FAW) have been set up and maintained by cooperators at a number locations across western NY. Traps, lures and support for summer assistant time and travel have been supplied as needed through the IPM grant program. Trap catches were collated weekly and posted, with scouting and threshold information, on the vegetable extension staff electronic bulletin board, and on two of the Northeast Weather Association (NEWA) electronic bulletin boards. The information is used by consultants, Cooperative Extension field staff, and processor field staff to keep their clientele informed about pest flights, and to help make pest management decisions for both fresh and processing sweet corn.
dc.publisherNew York State Integrated Pest Management Program
dc.subjectAgricultural IPM
dc.subjectSweet Corn
dc.titlePheromone Trap Network for Fresh Market and Processing Sweet Corn

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