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dc.contributor.authorMietzner, Marcus
dc.descriptionPage range: 1-39
dc.description.abstractThe article discusses the 2006 gubernatorial elections in Papua and Aceh, evaluating whether these elections have mitigated or exacerbated secessionist sentiments in the two provinces. It argues that the elections have a better chance of reducing separatist demands than did the half-hearted special autonomy regulations of 2001 because these elections put pressure on former separatists to perform in public office, created splits in the previously united protest movements, and forced both Papuans and Acehnese to redirect their attention away from the central government, which they had criticized, and towards urgent internal problems in their home provinces.
dc.publisherCornell University Southeast Asia Program
dc.titleLocal Elections and Autonomy in Papua and Aceh: Mitigating or Fueling Secessionism?
schema.issueNumberVol. 84

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