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dc.contributor.authorDahl, G. E.
dc.contributor.authorCollier, R. J.
dc.descriptionThis information was presented at the 2017 Cornell Nutrition Conference for Feed Manufacturers, organized by the Department of Animal Science In the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University. Softcover copies of the entire conference proceedings may be purchased at
dc.description.abstractThis presentation will cover recent work examining the impact of heat stress in late gestation on the cow and the calf, during the dry period and subsequent lactation, including the effects on immune function. The presentation will also address the effects of heat stress on health and performance of lactating dairy cows, and use of an immune modulator to reduce the impacts of heat stress.
dc.subjectheat stress
dc.subjectdry cows
dc.subjectmilk yield
dc.titleHeat Stress Effect on Immune Function in Dairy Cattle

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