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dc.contributor.authorVanouse, Paul
dc.description.abstractSlides 1-2 Item 1-2000, 1996, interactive installation. 600 pound wax block, live performer, Macintosh computer, barcode scanner, 2 monitors, misc. electronics. The work seeks to contextualize work in anatomical imaging, using the Visible Human project as an example, with the social issues of American medicine. Participants interact with the work through a stainless-steel barcode scanner (wielded like a scalpel), slicing horizontally across a wax-embedded performer (laying atop a 600 pound wax block) to reveal the hidden target organ on the room's monitors. Slides 3-4 Paradise Reconfigured, 2000, Interactive installation. Paul Vanouse (described in sample work form) Slides 4-5 Cult of the New Eve, 2000, performance and public intervention. A collaboration between Paul Vanouse, Faith Wilding and the Critical Art Ensemble. The Cult of the New Eve reacts to modem biotechnology as manifested in its promises of salvation by practicing a New Eve Cult aimed to unmask the utopias. In varied performances, an intermeshing of electronic information systems with performative theatre practice, the cult members explore and provoke the discourse of life science. Slides 7-8 The Relutive Velocity Inscription Device, 2002, interactive installation, Paul Vanouse. (described in "sample work" form)en_US
dc.format.extent3584659 bytes
dc.titleRockefeller New Media Foundation --Supplementary Materialen_US

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