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    • The Role of Government in the Labeling of GM Food 

      Emma, Camille (CUL Initiatives in Publishing (CIP), 2010)
      Food labels embody a range of attributes: a salad bag may be organic, a yogurt may be low fat, and potato chips may be all natural. Each year, food companies create new and innovative labels to market their products. In ...
    • The Sugar Controversy 

      Vio, Fernando; Uauy, Ricardo (CUL Initiatives in Publishing (CIP), 2007)
      Sugar, one of the world's most important food commodities, provides a high percentage of calories for the population in many countries. But consumption of calories either as sugar or fat by sedentary populations promotes ...
    • The WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism and Developing Countries: The Brazil–U.S. Cotton Case 

      Cheng, Fuzhi (CUL Initiatives in Publishing (CIP), 2007)
      The Dispute Settlement Mechanism (DSM) of the World Trade Organization (WTO) is often seen as one of the major achievements of the multilateral trading system. Many believe that the WTO DSM has introduced greater “legalism” ...