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    • Water and Land Management and Agricultural Policy in Support of Food Security: The Amu Darya Delta in Uzbekistan 

      Safarova, Ajsylu; Khasankhanova, Gulchekhra (CUL Initiatives in Publishing (CIP), 2016)
      Like other deltas in the world, the delta of the Amu Darya river is a very dynamic natural system that reflects all the processes and developments that occur in a river basin. Water and terrestrial ecosystems of the Amu ...
    • Zambia and Genetically Modified Food Aid 

      Lewin, Alexandra C. (CUL Initiatives in Publishing (CIP), 2007)
      In 2002 the Zambian government rejected 35,000 tons of food aid because of the possibility that it could be genetically modified (GM). During this time roughly 3 million people in Zambia faced severe food shortages and ...