It is my belief that electronic media such as video, audio, digital images, and the use of texts can bring us closer to rediscovering the human experience, in essence, that experience which makes us human. For the past two decades I have experimented with video and sound works that have delved into multiple subjects and exhibition formats such as single channel video works, video and sound sculptures and video projection and sound installations. For the past two projects, my artworks have focused on the subject of history and memory. In particular, I have delved into the history of Germany covering the periods leading up to World War I and World War II. As we enter the 21st century, and history recedes into itself at the lightning speed that information travels, I have encountered a fascination with extending the moment of history. My video and sound installations speak to dramatic events and turning points in history and challenge the viewer to engage in the work as active and thinking participants. Complex in subject matter and execution, the installations are cinematic in scale and theatrical in character, alluding to Richard Wagner's idea of the "Gesamtkunstwerk (Total Work Of Art)," and to Walter Benjamin's notion of the "Trauerspiel (Work of Mourning)." Alongside working in the video and sound projection installation format, I have also created a number of historical portraits that are displayed on flat plasma screen monitors.

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