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dc.contributor.authorSchwarz, Mary
dc.contributor.authorBonhotal, Jean
dc.descriptionA 16 page guide for student leaders and teachersen_US
dc.description.abstractAs educators, we have an important task ahead. the next generation of decision-makers is being educated in your classroom. How can you help? By starting this generation off with information and habits that emphasize reducing the amount of waste we produce, reusing, recycling and composting whatever we can, and incinerating, landfilling, and finding other technologies to dispose of the rest. This document provides you with: (1) Ideas for incorporating composting into the curriculum. (2) Steps to take to start a school composting/diversion program. (3) Descriptions of successful school composting programs.en_US
dc.subjectyouth and teacheren_US
dc.subjectreduce reuse recycleen_US
dc.subjectwaste diversionen_US
dc.titleSchool Composting - Let's Get Growingen_US
dc.typefact sheeten_US

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