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dc.contributor.authorDennehy, T.
dc.contributor.authorClark, L.
dc.contributor.authorKamas, J.
dc.description.abstractCornell University scientists have conducted research on pheromones of the grape berry moth for nearly 20 years. These efforts provided a foundation for the development of the Isomate- GBM?* pheromone product. This product received EPA and New York State registrations in 1990. The purpose of this bulletin is to describe the impressive results obtained with the Isomate-GBM? pheromone in large-scale field trials conducted throughout New York, and to provide instructions on how to use the pheromone product most effectively.en_US
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dc.publisherNew York State Agricultural Experiment Stationen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesNew York's Food and Life Sciences Bulletinen_US
dc.subjectPheromonal control of grape berry mothen_US
dc.subjecteffective alternatives to insecticidesen_US
dc.titlePheromonal Control of the Grape Berry Moth: An Effective Alternative to Conventional Insecticidesen_US

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  • Food and Life Sciences Bulletin
    New York's Food and Life Sciences (FLS) Bulletin reports new developments in fruit and vegetable breeding, performance, diseases, and integrated pest management. It is of interest to researchers and the public.

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