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dc.contributor.authorOffice of Marketing and Communications. Media Relations
dc.description.abstractThe news item from Fish Health News is about: I had the good fortune to visit City University of Hong Kong (City U) over winter break with my Aquatic Animal Health Lab colleague, Hélène Marquis. City U is developing a new veterinary school, and we were guests of the faculty members in charge of establishing its aquatic production and veterinary health master’s degree program, which is one of the school’s first priorities. Plans for the School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) were launched in the spring of 2014 in collaboration with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, where Hélène and I are based.
dc.publisherCornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine
dc.subjectCornell University. College of Veterinary Medicine -- Periodicals.
dc.subjectGetchell, Rodman
dc.subjectMarquis, Helene
dc.title2016 CVM News: Hong Kong's City University focuses on aquatic health

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