The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering has a distinguished history and a tradition of excellence in teaching, research, and service. There are three broad intellectual areas within the School: Civil Infrastructure, Environment, and Engineering Systems and Management.

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  • Data from: Contained Laboratory Earthquakes Ranging From Slow To Fast 

    Wu, Bill S; McLaskey, Gregory C (2019)
    Loading a 3-meter granite slab containing a saw-cut simulated fault, we generated slip events that spontaneously nucleate, propagate, and arrest before reaching the ends of the sample. This work shows that slow (0.07 mm/s ...
  • Airborne Laser Hydrography II 

    Philpot, William (2019)
    This book was written to document and share our updated knowledge of airborne lidar hydrography gained since Gary C. Guenther wrote the original seminal book Airborne Laser Hydrography - System Design and Performance Factors ...
  • Foreword 

    Guenther, Gary (2019)
  • References 

    Philpot, William (2019)
  • Chapter 6: Performance Evaluation 

    Pe'eri, Shackak; Parrish, Christopher; Johnson, Nicholas; Macon, Christopher; White, Stephen (2019)
    In order to be able to provide a clean georeferenced point cloud for analysis and production, it is important to conduct a performance evaluation of an ALB system prior to conducting a survey. The term "performance evaluation" ...

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