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dc.contributor.authorSanford, John
dc.contributor.authorOurecky, Donald
dc.description.abstract'Royalty' is a backcross between a hybrid purple raspberry and a red raspberry. It combines many of the desirable features of both parents, having the large fruit size and plant vigor of a purple hybrid, and the high fruit quality of a red raspberry. 'Royalty' is hardy, has wide adaptation, and has good yield potential. This new cultivar has triple insect resistance; having immunity to the raspberry aphid, Amphorophora agathonica Hottes; resistance to the raspberry aphid, Aphis rubicola, Oestland; and resistance to the raspberry fruitworm, Byturus rubi Barber. 'Royalty's' aphid resistance helps it to escape the aphid-transmitted mosaic and leaf curl viruses, which should extend the productive life of the planting.en_US
dc.format.extent226963 bytes
dc.publisherNew York State Agricultural Experiment Stationen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesNew York's Food and Life Sciences Bulletinen_US
dc.subjectRoyalty raspberryen_US
dc.subjectpurple-red raspberryen_US
dc.title'Royalty' - A purple-red raspberryen_US

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  • Food and Life Sciences Bulletin
    New York's Food and Life Sciences (FLS) Bulletin reports new developments in fruit and vegetable breeding, performance, diseases, and integrated pest management. It is of interest to researchers and the public.

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