A Collection of articles, preprints and presentations by the Staff of the Cornell University Library.

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  • Cornell University Library is Migrating from Google Analytics to Piwik 

    Chandler, Adam; Morris, Maureen; Wallace, Melissa (2016-04-04)
    For several years Cornell University Library has used Google Analytics (GA) to track website usage. We will discuss why we think GA is inappropriate for libraries, why Piwik is a better option, and share a Piwik case study ...
  • Maps and gaps: Strategies for vocabulary design and development 

    Hillmann, Diane I.; Phipps, Jon; Dunsire, Gordon (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, 2013)
    In this paper we discuss changes in the vocabulary development landscape, their origins, and future implications, via analysis of several existing standards. We examine the role of semantics and mapping in future development, ...
  • Obstacles to Linked Data 

    Warner, Simeon (2016-02-19)
    A discussion of the obstacles to successful adoption of linked data, as well as its affordances. Topics covered include graphs, model choices, the open world assumption, ontologies and identities, user interfaces, ...
  • A Critique of the Narrative: Linked Data in Libraries 

    Chandler, Adam (2016-02-19)
    Patterns in the linked data in libraries narrative: 1.Primary focus on metadata details 2.Successful commercial entities have adopted it, so we should, too 3.Carrier for library metadata, replacement for MARC 4. ...
  • Popular Music in FRBR and RDA: Toward User-Friendly and Cataloger-Friendly Identification of Works 

    Kishimoto, Kevin; Snyder, Tracey (2015-12-21)
    The gradual adoption since 2010 of the content standard Resource Description and Access, based on the conceptual model Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records, has brought change to many areas of library cataloging, ...

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