A Collection of articles, preprints and presentations by the Staff of the Cornell University Library.

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  • A Case Study in Streaming Video Collections at Cornell University Library 

    Wilcox, Wendy; Koennecke, Jesse (South Central Regional Library Council, 2017-01-10)
    This webinar will outline streaming video options utilized by Cornell University Library in order to expand media holdings to the campus. In addition to sharing our experiences with several vendors of streaming media, we ...
  • Speedy Delivery: How a Librarian and an IT Guy Solved a Problem 

    Wilcox, Wendy; Matt, Connolly (Access Services Conference 2018, 2018-11-16)
    “Special Delivery” was an unwieldy, high-touch operation that required many manual steps which often resulted in a number of processing errors. To solve these issues, a team comprised of information technology and public ...
  • Cornell University Library Repository Principles and Strategies Handbook 

    Faulder, Erin; DelRosso, Jim; Colt, Jenn; Dietrich, Dianne; Dygert, Amy; Kennedy, Sarah; Kovari, Jason; Kozlowski, Wendy; Manly, Chris; Paolillo, Michelle; Koltay, Zsuzsa; Berney, Tre; Steinhart, Gail (2020-08-05)
    The handbook provides support for both new and existing repository managers, comprising both recommended practices and specifically identified action steps that will allow them to track their progress and identify gaps. ...
  • Recommendations for Enhancing Textbook Support at Cornell University Library 

    Hines, Tobi; Cusker, Jeremy; Koennecke, Jesse; Walker, Kizer; Johnson, Kelly; Wilcox, Wendy (2018-12)
    The rising cost of textbooks is a major financial obstacle for many Cornell students. Responding to student feedback, in March 2018, a small task force was appointed to assess the landscape of textbook provision at Cornell ...
  • Choosing and using academic sharing and networking platforms 

    Steinhart, Gail (2020)
    An overview of the characteristics of academic sharing and networking platforms, with a comparison of selected features (accurate as of late 2019).
  • Preservation of and Access to Online and Licensed Music 

    Hirtle, Peter B (2014-06-09)
    A white paper on legal issues associated with the preservation of online and licensed music. The issue of how to acquire, preserve, and provide access to music that is only available in downloadable and/or streaming format ...
  • Where are our Books? 2018 Sample Inventory of CUL Open Stacks 

    Chandler, Adam; Wilcox, Wendy; Leary, Joanne (2018)
    This research is a significant contribution to our understanding of missing items in the CUL collection. The validation study was useful in determining the availability of CUL materials in the open stacks; when patrons ...
  • Judicial Appointments, Politics, and Family in Early 19th-Century Connecticut: The Case of David Bolles (1765-1830) of Ashford, Connecticut 

    Hirtle, Peter (2019-10)
    An accounting of the controversy surrounding the appointment of David Bolles, Jr. (1765-1830) as a justice in Windham County, Connecticut in 1817, and the subsequent controversy caused by the appointment of his son, David ...
  • Keeping the user in the workflow: IR licensing for mediated deposits 

    Steinhart, Gail; Kopel, Matthew; Kozlowski, Wendy; McLaren, Chloe (2019)
    The practice of mediated deposit of content to Institutional Repositories (IRs) is widespread (e.g. CNI 2017, Dubinsky 2014, Poynder 2016, Salo 2008). For Cornell University’s DSpace installation, eCommons, approximately ...
  • Cornell University Library - Continuations Expenditures by Title 

    Koennecke, Jesse (Cornell University Library, 2019-06-07)
    Cornell University Library’s goal is to be responsive to the needs of all Cornell scholars in a way that is fiscally sustainable. In the spirit of transparency, we share the expenditure data below. The library licenses ...

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