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  • Cornell University Library - Continuations Expenditures by Vendor 

    Koennecke, Jesse (2019-03-21)
    Cornell University Library’s goal is to be responsive to the needs of all Cornell scholars in a way that is fiscally sustainable. In the spirit of transparency, we share the expenditure data below. The library licenses ...
  • Tattle-tape Task Force Final Report 

    Chandler, Adam; Cobb, Susie; Morris, Maureen; Wilcox, Wendy (2017-12-19)
    The CUL Tattle-tape Task Force was charged with investigating the potential ramifications of discontinuing adding security strips (“tattle-tape”) to new open stack acquisitions. The motivation for the change is primarily ...
  • Digital Processing Framework 

    Faulder, Erin; Annand, Susanne; DeBauche, Sally; Gengenbach, Martin; Irwin, Karla; Musson, Julie; Peltzman, Shira; Tasker, Kate; Uglean Jackson, Laura; Waugh, Dorothy (2018-08)
    The Digital Processing Framework suggests a minimum processing standard for digital archival content. The framework brings together archival processing practice with digital preservation activities. Ten practitioners in ...
  • Cornell University Library Repository Principles and Strategies Handbook 

    Faulder, Erin; DelRosso, Jim; Colt, Jenn; Dietrich, Dianne; Dygert, Amy; Kennedy, Sarah; Kovari, Jason; Kozlowski, Wendy; Manly, Chris; Paolillo, Michelle; Koltay, Zsuzsa (2018-03)
    The handbook provides support for both new and existing repository managers, comprising both recommended practices and specifically identified action steps that will allow them to track their progress and identify gaps. ...
  • An Institutional Perspective on Data Curation Services 

    Steinhart, Gail (Purdue University Press, 2014)

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