A Collection of articles, preprints and presentations by the Staff of the Cornell University Library.

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  • Popular Music in FRBR and RDA: Toward User-Friendly and Cataloger-Friendly Identification of Works 

    Kishimoto, Kevin; Snyder, Tracey (2015-12-21)
    The gradual adoption since 2010 of the content standard Resource Description and Access, based on the conceptual model Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records, has brought change to many areas of library cataloging, ...
  • Report on Lightweight Digital Collections Platforms 

    Bartley, Amanda; Blackaby, Dan; Casad, Mickey; Chandler, Adam; Flum, Liza; Oliver, Emily; Wallace, Melissa (2014-07)
    Our team started with a curiosity about Scalar and along the way formed a collaboration with two graduate students to compare it with three similar services. These “lightweight digital collection platforms” as we call them ...
  • Item Vs. Collection Level Censuses in University Libraries 

    Berney, Tre; Harris, Joshua; Mericle, Danielle (2015-11-20)
    Many institutions are planning campus-wide assessments of media holdings as a way to begin systematic digitization of content for preservation and access, or to make arguments for broader institutional support. Josh Harris, ...
  • Emulation and Classification Documentation for PAFDAO Project 

    Dietrich, Dianne (2015)
    The following documentation has been excerpted from the appendices of the Preserving and Emulating Digital Art Objects whitepaper. This documentation outlines the results of in depth technical and forensic analysis of the ...
  • Preserving and Emulating Digital Art Objects 

    Rieger, Oya Y.; Murray, Tim; Casad, Madeleine; Alexander, Desiree; Dietrich, Dianne; Kovari, Jason; Muller, Liz; Paolillo, Michelle; Mericle, Danielle K. (2015-11)
    In 2013, Cornell University Library received a research and development grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to design a framework for preserving access to digital art objects. The Preservation and Access ...

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