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  • 3D modeling of aflibercept transport in the vitreous humor 

    Li, Kevin; Limjoco, Matthew; Zarate, Jason (2017-05-11)
    Aflibercept is an anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (anti-VEGF) drug used to treat several retinal diseases such as macular degeneration. It accomplishes this by binding and inhibiting VEGF, which is the growth factor ...
  • Saving the Sea Turtles: How Climate Change Affects Loggerhead Populations 

    DeLorenzo, Lauren; Jackson, Samantha; Ring, Katherine; Sutton, Allison (2017-05-11)
    An ample amount of research has been conducted on how nest temperatures affect the sex of sea turtle hatchlings, but little has been done on how heat transfer contributes to the temperature. For the purpose of determining ...
  • Treating Osteoporosis: Localized Drug Delivery into Femur 

    Anaya, Gustavo; Jackson, Jennifer; Roga, Zachary; Wu, Andy (2017-05-17)
    Bisphosphonates (BPs) are used to mitigate osteoporosis in patients who are at high risk for bone fractures. Common methods of administration of BPs rely on systemic delivery, which can lead to abdominal discomfort and ...
  • What Happens When You Swallow a Hydrogel Pill? 

    Carroll, Katherine; Connolly, Rachel; Hearn, Kaitlin; Yasin, Imran (2017-05-16)
    The scientific world has limited knowledge on tablet properties, so scientists want a reliable method to investigate these properties and their effects on the drug release profile. We developed a model that is based on ...
  • Density Driven Spread of Anesthesia in Cerebrospinal Fluid 

    Bollapragada, Rajesh; Chen, Victor; Khan, Priyanka; Pierides, Michael (2017-05-17)
    Intrathecal administration of anesthesia is performed for purposes of sensory and motor nerve blockage during surgeries to the abdomen and lower extremities. The spread of anesthesia is primarily based on the injection ...
  • Betamethasone Phosphate Drug Delivery by Biodegradable Ocular Implant 

    Chari, Tara; Li, Catherine; Varghese, Rebecca; Yang, Qiuwei (2017-05-17)
    Biodegradable implants have been steadily gaining popularity, offering safer, more efficient alternatives to common therapeutics. Currently, most ocular implants that are used for sustainable drug delivery are non-biodegradable. ...
  • Focused Ultrasound Induced Heating for Drug Delivery in Cancer Therapies 

    Datta, Amita; Dreiman, Gabe; Livermore, Grace; Wang, Alice (2017-05-18)
    Many treatment options are available in eliminating tumors including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. These treatments, however, have heavy financial constraints and/or significant systemic side effects. Focused ...
  • Laser Ablation for Cardiac Tissue Oxygenation 

    Dokko, Jacqueline; Eun, Chae Young; Kiembock, Conor; Wang, Qikun (2017-05-18)
    The leading cause of myocardial infarctions, commonly known as heart attacks, is the reduced blood flow to the heart muscle due to plaque buildup in the coronary artery. Transmyocardial laser revascularization (TMLR) is ...
  • Optimizing Shear for Neural Stem Cell Differentiation 

    Steinhagen, Dustin; Ravelo, Gabrielle; He, Sophia (2017-05-19)
    Neural stem cells (NSC) have great potential for use in treatments for neurological disease by replacing damaged brain tissue via transplantation therapies. Growing NSC can be challenging, since the environment that the ...


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