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    • Acoustic classification of focus in a web corpus of comparatives 

      Howell, Jonathan; Rooth, Mats; Wagner, Michael (2011-06-02)
      Describes experiments in using a support-vector-machine to classify intonational focus on pronouns in a web-derived corpus of comparative clauses.
    • Acoustic Classification of Focus: On the Web and in the Lab 

      Howell, Jonathan; Rooth, Mats; Wagner, Michael (2016-02-26)
      We present a new methodological approach which combines both naturally-occurring speech “harvested” on the web and speech data elicited in the laboratory. This proof-of-concept study examines the phenomenon of focus ...
    • Adverbs of quantification 

      Rooth, Mats (2019-07-12)
      Article on David Lewis's Adverbs of Quantification (1975), prepared for A Reader's Guide to Classical Papers in Formal Semantics, Studies in Linguistics and Philosophy 100, edited by Zoltan Szabo and Luise McNally. Author's ...
    • Alternative semantics 

      Rooth, Mats (Oxford University Press, 2016)
      This chapter presents the semantics and pragmatics of prosodic focus in alternative semantics. Half a dozen examples are given of empirical phenomena that are to be covered by the theory. Then a syntax marking the locus, ...
    • Association with Focus 

      Rooth, Mats (GLSA, Dept. of Linguistics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1985)
    • Comments on Enlightened Update 

      Abusch, Dorit; Rooth, Mats (2008-11-16)
    • A corpus search methodology for focus realization 

      Howell, Jonathan; Rooth, Mats (2009-07-05)
      We describe a methodology for investigating the semantic-grammatical conditioning and phonetic realization of contrastive intonation using a web harvest of particular word strings followed by grammatical and acoustic analysis. ...
    • A Corpus Search Methodology for Focus Realization 

      Howell, Jonathan; Rooth, Mats (2008-04-18)
      We describe a methodology for investigating the semantic-grammatical conditioning and phonetic realization of contrastive intonation using the audio search engine Everyzing and acoustic-phonetic analysis.
    • Finite state intensional semantics 

      Rooth, Mats (2017-10)
      The paper presents a computable formulation of Hintikka semantics for clausal complements and partition semantics for questions in a framework where worlds are strings, propositions are regular sets of worlds, and epistemic ...
    • The formal semantics of free perception in pictorial narratives 

      Abusch, Dorit; Rooth, Mats (2017)
      This paper semantically analyzes “free perception” sequences in pictorial narratives such as comics, where one panel shows a character looking, and the next panel shows what they see. Pictorial contents are assumed to be ...
    • Harvesting speech datasets for linguistic research on the web 

      Rooth, Mats; Howell, Jonathan; Wagner, Michael (2013-10-29)
      This is a white paper for a project that harvested audio and transcribed data from podcasts and news broadcasts on the web. Tools were developed to analyze the different uses of prosody (rhythm, stress and intonation) ...
    • Headed span theory in the finite state calculus 

      Rooth, Mats (2016-01-02)
      A development of headed span theory in the finite state calculus. Slides for colloquium presentation at University of Delaware, March 20, 2014.
    • Indexing across media 

      Rooth, Mats; Abusch, Dorit (ILLC, University of Amsterdam, 2019-12)
    • Pictorial Free Perception 

      Abusch, Dorit; Rooth, Mats (2022-05-23)
      Pictorial free perception reports are sequences in comics or film of one unit that depicts an agent who is looking, and a following unit that depicts what they see. This paper proposes an analysis in possible worlds semantics ...
    • Picture descriptions and centered content 

      Rooth, Mats; Abusch, Dorit (University of Edinburgh/CreateSpace, 2018)
      There is an argument based on sentences that describe pictures in favor of a viewpoint- centered possible worlds semantics for pictures, over a propositional semantics (J. Ross 1997). The argument involves perspectival ...
    • A recursive phonology interface for WH-F alternative semantics 

      Rooth, Mats; Dong, Hongyuan (2011-06-02)
      The presentation presents an analysis of intonational focus and focused in-situ WH phrases that couples the projection of alternatives in alternative semantics for focus with phonological prominence in a stress-F account ...
    • Representing Focus Scoping over New 

      Rooth, Mats (GLSA, Amherst, MA, 2015)
    • Temporal and Intensional Pictorial Conflation 

      Abusch, Dorit; Rooth, Mats (2022-03-12)
      This paper proposes accounts in possible worlds semantics of temporally conflated pictorial narratives, and intensionally conflated pictorial narratives. The semantics for film shots and panels in comics that are embedded ...
    • A web application for filtering and annotating web speech data 

      Lutz, David; Cadwallader, Parry; Rooth, Mats (Special Interest Group of the ​Association for Computational Linguistics on Web as Corpus (ACL SIGWAC), 2013-07-22)
      A vast and growing amount of recorded speech is freely available on the web, including podcasts, radio broadcasts, and posts on media-sharing sites. However, finding specific words or phrases in online speech data ...