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    • The Case of Bohemia, 1917 

      Namier, Lewis (The Czech National Alliance in Great Britain, 1917)
      Argues for an independent Bohemia as a check on the power of Germans and Magyars (Hungarians).
    • The Concept of National Belonging and The Practice of Determining National Belonging in Old Austrian Nationalities Law, 1932 

      Steinacker, Wolfgang (Universitaets-Verlag Wagner, 1932)
      Texts relating to how nationality was determined in Bohemia and Moravia under Habsburg rule (mostly precedents from the beginning of the 20th century). [For related material, see the Lehar case and the Moravian court ...
    • The Development of German-Czech Relations, 1898 

      Turk (Tuerk), Karl (Lehmann/Alldeutscher Verband, 1898)
      Discusses several aspects of Czech-German relations since 1848 from a German perspective. Talks about how Slavs in general and Czechs in particular are edging Germans out of cultural and political life in Austria.
    • The Dog and the Wolf 

      Vernaleken, Theodor (Houghton Mifflin, 1914)
      Folk-tale from the Czech lands about a dog and a wolf From:
    • Final Declaration, July 1, 1415 

      Hus, Jan (Hodder and Stoughton, 1904)
    • Independent Bohemia, 1915 

      Masaryk, Tomas (The University Press and Macmillian Company, 1943)
      Confidential memorandum from 1915 in which Tomas Masaryk argues for the dismemberment of Austria and the creation of an independent Bohemia
    • Travels Through Bohemia, 1919 

      Scheu, Robert (Strache, 1919)
      This excerpt comes from a book-length study published in 1919, by an Austrian journalist who was the son of a famous Austrian Social Democrat. Scheu traveled around the language border in Bohemia during the summer of 1918, ...