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    • A Glance at Warsaw, 1859 

      Taylor, Bayard (G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1859)
      Taylor relates scenes from his travels to Cracow and Warsaw in the mid 19th century.
    • The G’psgolox Pole: Representations of the Haisla History 

      Paz, Phoenix (Cornell Historical Society, 2012)
    • Historical Memory in the Hub: Abolitionism and Civil Rights in Boston 

      McCoy, Ethan (Cornell Historical Society, 2013)
    • HISTORY IN THE MAKING: Alexandra Tsekeri and Dimitris--January 12, 2013 

      Tsekeri, Alexandra (2013-07-06)
      Interviews with Alexandra Tsekeri and Dimitris, neighborhood assembly members and political activists in Athens, Greece. Interviews conducted in Athens, Greece on January 12, 2013. PART II-Dimitris (at the clothing ...
    • Hungarian Declaration of Independence, 1849 

      Unknown author (Phinney & Co., 1852)
    • The Hungarian-Croatian Compromise of 1868 (The Nagodba) 

      Unknown author (Constable and Co., 1911)
    • Hungary, 1956 

      Nagy, Imre; Soviet Government (Department of State, 1956)
    • Independent Bohemia, 1915 

      Masaryk, Tomas (The University Press and Macmillian Company, 1943)
      Confidential memorandum from 1915 in which Tomas Masaryk argues for the dismemberment of Austria and the creation of an independent Bohemia
    • International Remedy for Depreciated Currencies, 1921 

      Rasin, Alois (1921)
      Czech statesman Rasin discusses the means by which to create a viable Czechoslovak economy in the wake of the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.
    • Interview with Alex Star - June 4, 2014 

      Alex, Star (2014-06-04)
      Alex Star is senior editor at Ferrar, Strauss and Giroux in New York. He has a long and distinguished history as an editor, first as assistant literary editor of The New Republic, then–from 1994 to 2001–as the editor of ...
    • Interview with Alison Frank, September 25, 2009 

      Frank, Alison (2009-10-04)
      Interview with Alison Frank, John L. Loeb Associate Professor of the Social Sciences at Harvard University. Interview conducted in Ithaca, NY on September 25, 2009. Professor Frank is the author of a number of articles and ...
    • Interview with Andras Koerner 

      Koerner, Andras (2014-05-28)
      These interviews are the fourth in a series of extended profiles on the lives and work of participants in the New York Hungarian Table, which meets for lunch once a month in Morningside in New York City. This installment ...
    • Interview with Andrew Romay 

      Romay, Andrew (2014-05-23)
      These interviews are the third in a series of extended profiles on the lives of participants in the New York Hungarian Table, which meets for lunch once a month in Morningside in New York City. It features two interviews ...
    • Interview with Balazs Apor, March 23, 2012 

      Apor, Balazs (2012-12-23)
      Interview with Balazs Apor, Director of the MPhil program in European Studies at Trinity College Dublin. Interviewed conducted in Dublin, Ireland on March 23, 2012. Balazs Apor specializes in the history of East-Central ...
    • Interview with Bradley Abrams, March 3, 2010 

      Abrams, Bradley (2010-09-07)
      Interview with Bradley Abrams, (Ph.D. Stanford and author of "The Struggle for the Soul of the Nation: Czech Culture and the Rise of Communism," published in 2004)conducted March 3, 2010, in Ithaca, NY.
    • Interview with Chip Gagnon--July 11, 2013 

      Gagnon, Chip (2013-07-27)
      Interview with Chip Gagnon, professor of Political Science and currently the chair of the Department of Politics at Ithaca College. Interview conducted in Ithaca, NY on July 11, 2013. Gagnon is the author of the book The ...
    • Interview with Claudia Verhoeven, May 13, 2010 

      Verhoeven, Claudia (2010-09-07)
      Interview with Claudia Verhoeven, Assistant Professor of History at Cornell University, conducted in Ithaca, NY on May 13, 2010. Professor Verhoeven is author of "The Odd Man Karakazov: Imperial Russia, Modernity and the ...
    • Interview with David Ost--July 24 and 25, 2013 

      Ost, David (2013-07-27)
      Interview with David Ost, Professor of Political Science at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Interview conducted in Ithaca, NY in two parts, on July 24 and 25, 2013. Ost specializes in political economy, democratization, ...
    • Interview with Dennis Deletant--April 4, 2013 

      Deletant, Dennis (2013-07-07)
      Interview with Dennis Deletant, Professor Emeritus of Romanian Studies at the University College London and now the Visiting Ratiu Professor of Romanian Studies at Georgetown University. Interview conducted in Washington, ...
    • Interview with Dimiter Kenarov--Dec. 29-30, 2014 

      Kenarov, Dimiter (2015-01-10)
      Interview with Dimiter Kenarov, a freelance journalist, poet and translator from Bulgaria. The interview was conducted in Istanbul, Turkey in two parts on December 29 and 30, 2014. Kenarov has written on a variety of ...