Recent Submissions

  • Gas emission data from eight New York State septic systems 

    Truhlar, Allison M; Brooks, Rachael A; Nandeau, Sarah A; Makarsky, Erin T; Rahm, Brian G; Walter, M Todd (2017-09)
    This file contains data from a study that quantified and compared GHG emissions from the soil over septic system leach fields and roof vents. At each of eight septic systems in upstate New York, we measured fluxes of CH4, ...
  • Investigating the Effect of Septic Systems on Surface Water Quality in the Cayuga Lake and Hudson River Watersheds 

    Teuffer, Karin (New York State Water Resources Institute, 2015-08-08)
    The purpose of this study was to explore the effect of septic systems on surface water quality by comparing concentrations of faecal indicator bacteria data to the spatial distribution of septic systems and land use practices.
  • Groundwater Contamination 

    Raymond, Lyle Jr (New York State Water Resources Institute, 1988-11)
    This bulletin will help the reader gain a better understanding of potential sources, causes and prevention of groundwater contamination.
  • On-site Wastewater Management Programs: Case Studies 

    Hwang, Sohyeon; Rahm, Brian (New York State Water Resources Institute, 2016-12-05)
    Used in 20-25% of homes in the United States, on-site wastewater treatment systems (OWTS) are widespread and can be an efficient and cost-effective alternative to conventional centralized systems if cared for properly. ...


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