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dc.contributor.authorCornell Waste Management Institute
dc.contributor.authorHealthy Soils, Healthy Communities Project
dc.description.abstractIntroduction: Metals are naturally present in rock, soil, and other materials. They are also used in manufactured (anthropogenic) materials, and human activity can increase the levels of metals in soil. Urban soils often have higher levels of metals than rural soils because they have been affected more by human activity. Gardening in urban soils may increase your exposure to metals if you swallow or breathe in soil particles or eat food raised in or on the soilen_US
dc.publisherCornell Waste Management Instituteen_US
dc.subjectmetals in garden soilsen_US
dc.subjecturban gardensen_US
dc.titleMetals in Urban Garden Soilsen_US
dc.typefact sheeten_US

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