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dc.contributor.authorEshenaur, Brian
dc.contributor.authorLamb, Elizabeth
dc.descriptionNYS IPM Type: Project Report
dc.description.abstractGreenhouse production of vegetables and herbs is a growth industry in New York State. There were123 operations and 2,568 acres in production listed (USDA’s 2014 Census of Horticultural Specialties). The total acreage of high tunnel, hydroponic, and traditional greenhouses growing food crops to harvest increased by 58% since 2009. There is also a trend in floriculture greenhouses to increase vegetable transplant production due to the increased interest in home vegetable gardening, and to add vegetable production. Disease issues differ in field and greenhouse vegetable production, and conventional pesticides registered for ornamentals are rarely labeled for food crops in greenhouses. Growers request information about an integrated approach to pest management, including cultural methods and biopesticides. Our objectives for this ongoing project are to gain first hand experience with biopesticides and to develop efficacy data.
dc.publisherNew York State Integrated Pest Management Program
dc.subjectAgricultural IPM
dc.titlePowdery Mildew Management with Biopesticides on Greenhouse Grown Plants

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